Vena Malik will do a Ramadan program! Give me a break!!


Vena Malik will do a Ramadan program! What the hell! Just read an article “Ramazan shows: Will you tune into Veena, Maya Khan or Amir Liaquat” in tribune. The title of this article is shocking enough for every Muslim even with minimal emman present in heart! Oh Allah please, forgive us we ask for your mercy. This is shame for all of us. Filthy minds of liberals and seculars are crossing every line every boundary. They are checking our limits but what are our limits!!

They attacked the dignity of our sister Afia they supported drones they ridiculed Islam (still they are doing) and now, they are presenting Islam through vulgar characterless people. What they are trying to deliver the world that Muslims are dead they are not even able to save their identity!

People who are known for nudity are doing Islamic programs. Their cause is to generate money. I ask from all secular and liberals when you say people use Islam for their own personal gains so what is this!. People who use Islam for some good purposes are being badly criticized and no comments for these money loving pathetic creatures!

The reality of these three is known to everyone. Maya Khan who got popularity by doing a cheap morning show, Venna malik who is popular for her bold and characterless  personality and Amir Liaquat who is famous for his acting, cheap acting for making people emotional thorough his baseless dramas. Amir Liaqat was kicked out by the same channel after revealing his back camera video now the same channel brought him back because for them season of making money is coming and he is well trained.

Ramadan programs by people like Amir Liaquat, Maya khan and Veena malik is just like slapping the face of whole Muslims in This so called Pak piece of land! I don’t know what Pak is in it! Disgusting nationalism! Lame identity! In this, we have lost our original creed! This is the result! Look your face in mirror Muslims! Now veena Malik is doing Ramadan program a third class entertainer is coming to teach you what is Ramdan about!

O where is PEMRA where are officials hey! Look they are polluting the Muslim spirits! To hell with this government but wait! Why they will take notice! Who will tell them to take notice this entertainment addict nation!

I am feeling someone is digging my grave and I am waiting for the final kick to be thrown in it…. in the darkness… Oh Muslims please wake up!!!