Hey! have you heard the song of west life! NOOO! Oh what on earth you are doing! OMG! Linkin park’s new album is just awesome… Have u seen upcoming models! The girls are really talented thank God Pakistan is moving finally! I wonder where this piece of land is moving.  These are not few lines they are telling us what is driving the society, what their destination is and how unaware people are.

There are people of different class here, some are obsessed with Western media and some are obsessed with Desi media. Both are dangerous and making the minds poisonous. Here, in this society Desi media is more powerful because of the language and some cultural aspects. For me desi media covers both Pakistani and Indian media. Western obsession is present but it is no open like the desi one.

In the beginning this obsession was limited to the rooms. Gradually it started showing its colors in events, even till then it was not the part of life. With the flood of private TV channels this obsession broke all the gates and entered into the lives and behavior of people. Media made people to accept the fact that, this was the real thing that you were missing. This is happiness and this is life.

The result of Desi media is around us. See, how people behave now, what are their priorities, how lightly they are taking their deen. Not only this how they ridicule if someone try to tell them the truth. They ridicule who shows them their face and stop people from doing the right things by taunting, making fun calling them conservative and all.

The results of this can be seen in the weddings in social lives in homes everywhere. Priorities are changing rapidly.

For just an overview I watched the upcoming Ramadan programs, their promos. Sadly I saw just lavish Aftar parties, making Ramadan a month to eat and sleep. I strongly feel to do lavish Aftars just kills the essence and the feel of this holy month. To feed those who are far away from these things will give more satisfaction. This month is to purify your heart and to get close to your creator. It is Just like giving a bath to newborn.

I talked by giving the reference of Ramadan because after few days we will be in the blessed month. Just watch how they will give you ideas of celebrating Eid. This is all obsessions, negative obsession!

May Allah guide us All and help us in setting our priorities right. Amen.