9 Things To Do in Ramadan


Ramadan is coming once again but there is something to worry about! So many Muslims have passed away since last Ramadan.. So many people have not made it to Ramadan this year.. Last year was their very last Ramadan! How many of us will make it to this Ramadan? Will this be your last Ramadan? Are you planning to make the best of Ramadan or will it pass by just like the previous ones?


The Prophet SAW said: “Verily Jabriel approached me and said: Whomsoever reaches the month of Ramadan but does not have his sins forgiven before his death and due to this he enters the Hell-fire, may Allah distance this person” Jabriel then ordered me to say Ameen, so I said Ameen.


The companions of the Prophet SAW and the salaf used to spend 11 months preparing and waitingn for Ramadan, and when Ramadan would come, they would work diligently in perfecting their actions and making them faultless, then after that, they showed great concern for acceptance of their actions. They did this because they feared that their actions would be rejected. They are those who gave what was incumbent upon them while their hearts were in a state of fear. It is reported that Ali bin Abi Taleb said: Be more concerned that your actions are accepted than your concern of performing the action itself. Did you not hear the statement of Allah: (Verily Allah only accepts the actions of the Mutaqeen (pious)


This is how the salaf used to await Ramadan with love and hope and fear, we should be far more worried and take at least some time out to prepare for Ramadan.

Preparation for Ramadan:

This is achieved by having a clear understanding of this month in one’s mind, and greeting Ramadan with love and yearning. Also, one should have the determination and intention to perform good deeds and worship, and one should lay down a program to accomplish this in the days of the blessed month. Here is a list of things one can Do to prepare for Ramadan: 

1. Make a sincere intention of fasting and worshipping Allah SWT in this blessed month
2. Learn the virtues of this month from the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet SAW

3. Make a list of adhkar and duas, start memorizing them, and getting used to saying them in prayers and during the day

4. Plan for extra worship; nafl prayers and itekaf maybe

5. Lay out a plan for reading the Quran, learning and understanding its meanings

6. Read about the way the Prophet SAW used to worship Allah SWT in Ramadan

7. Cleanse our hearts and minds from all meaningless concerns; i.e. avoiding listening to music, watching excessive tv etc

8. Ramadan is the month of Quran so learn as much of it as possible

9. Find objectives to fulfill by the end of Ramadan; i.e. perfection of salah, making regular sunnah/nafl, memorizing some/specific parts of the Quran etcImage